Prepare Yourself!

Prepare yourself for the long walk into Petra. The road in is rocky, dusty and unstable underfoot, and most visitors are unaware of the challenge before starting the hike into the ruins. Petra is at the end of a slot canyon so, the walls of the canyon rise up on either side of the road.

walk into petra

The sandstone is the color of pink and very soft, and so, sometimes, Petra is know as the Pink City. The temperature on the road changes along the way because, at times, the sun does not reach in,

dark walk into petra

and, at times, it does.


Along the way, you can find evidence of past civilizations like this shrine carved into the stone.


Then, just when you think you cannot walk another ten feet, the gorge opens, and a glimpse of the Petra Treasury peeks through.

frst look

At this point, you stop thinking about your tired feet and start getting excited.  AHHHHhhhh,  the rest is magical.


This elaborate facade is called the Treasury because lore has it that treasure is hidden somewhere in the carved rock. Some say that desert bandits and pirates hid their loot in the urn at the top of the treasury.  The facade has been throughly searched, but no booty has yet to be found. I believe that there could be no greater treasure than Petra, itself. Petra is the treasure.


If you are game, you can make friends with a camel taking a break….


and then continue walking past the Treasury and explore the rest of the city that was built over 2000 years ago. Archiologists believe that the Nabateans, Arab caravan traders, developed Petra after they discovered that Petra was perfect for collecting the three most important things to have in a desert…water! Water! WATER!!! The Nabateans cut temples, tombs, storerooms, and houses into the pink rock.


These ancient people have disappeared, but the ruins of their  contributions remain, and eerily, have become home to some of today’s desert merchants


and their livestock.



The way out of Petra is no easier than the way in. In fact, it is more difficult as the walk is uphill. Note the rocky road and the incline.


Some visitors elect to take the easy way out of the canyon by using one of the many horse drawn carriages available. It might cost about $30.00 US dollars for this accommodation. Most carriage drivers do not own the carriages and work for tips alone.  The overworked horses are asked to haul tourists both in and out of the canyon,


and so my traveling companion and I finished this junket the way we started….as on foot animal advocates.


Instead of a carriage ride, we prefer to remember the sight of the this clever and colorful master with his obedient human posing for a picture as we walked by.


Farewell, Petra.    The Unseasoned Traveler.





22 thoughts on “Prepare Yourself!

  1. Kaycee Emilienburg April 13, 2020 — 4:15 pm

    Absolutely magnificent!

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  2. Wonderful pictures and commentary. You have chosen fascinating places to visit. Thanks you for including us.

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  3. April 13, 2020 — 6:28 pm

    Hi Jackie, Your blogs are a breath of fresh air in our present situation! I love that you take a small portion of your trip and focus on that! For years, Petra has enticed me, but when you thoughtfully showed the bumpy footing, I realized both of us would have difficulty. But the carriage is an option, but surely would be pretty bumpy! No one really talks about the reality of visiting this site- but you did! Thank you. Once you actually get there, it looks phenomenal! Can’t even imagine building – or carving that- in the heat and far from everything.

    Thank you so much for sharing your journeys. In my life I never had an obstacle to travel, but in January, I developed a stress fracture in my femur in my knee. I am so limited in my walking, so this stay-at-home order is really what I’ve been doing since January. We were to go to Italy in April and I don’t think I could have managed. At this point, no one is going to Italy. I feel so bad for all those in the travel industry. It will be interesting to see how recovery proceeds.

    I hope you are well and enjoying armchair travels at this point. Blogging is a great use of your time and greatly appreciated now most of all!!

    Rich and I surely enjoyed your company in Aix. Our best to you, Marian Devine

    Sent from my iPhone


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    1. Rich and Marian….I hope you get to look at and enjoy the post that went up just a few minutes ago…thanks for following.

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    2. Marian, I just dropped a short note to Rich….I hope he shares my anniversary sentiments with you….jackie


  4. Jackie – Your best post ever. If I never get to Petra, I’ll always feel like I sorta did. Thank you.

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    1. High praise from you, David…thanks


  5. Jackie – Your best post ever. If I never get to Petra, I’ll always feel like I sorta did. Thank you.

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  6. How hauntingly beautiful, Jackie. Petra seems to fans end time.
    Thank you for taking us there.

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  7. How hauntingly beautiful, Jackie. Petra seems to transcend time.
    Thank you for taking us there.

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    1. I am happy to take you along with me…hope you saw the post about Wadi Rum and Say Cheese…and guessing that our trip to the beach will be quite different this year….say hi to Alan for me…j.


  8. Jackie,
    Such a descriptive post. I felt like I was there. Thanks for the journey

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    1. I, Wally….glad you came along with me…thanks, j.


  9. Very beautiful Jackie. Glad you got there before all the trouble we are having now.

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  10. Wow that is amazing. What a historical area to explore. It is a pleasure to travel vicariously and experience these places.

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  11. Petra was fascinating! My friends have loved this one. In fact one of them is putting it on her list of sights she wants to see (if and when we all get to travel again). Thank you for your blog.

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    1. Greetings, Donna, I got a long email from our Canadians buddies last night…so wonderful to have connections like ours…j.


    2. Donna….how are you and Bruce? We are fine and still social distancing….I got a not from our Canadian traveling buddies, and I am guessing that they are the ones showing up on my blog map…so exciting….let me know how you holding up…fondly, jackie h.


  12. Petra is all this and more! My favorite travel destination of all time. This blog brought back the memories, especially your phenomenal picture of the first view of a slice of the Treasury from the entry path (the Siq). So glad you made it there and back safely.

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  13. Wonderful

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    1. Hi, Gisele…..I saw you were in the blog yesterday…thanks for your support….and do try the cheese.


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