Cairo, You Gotta Love It!!!!

Cairo is the capital of Egypt and the largest city in the Arab world. Its metropolitan area is the largest in Africa, the Arab world, and the Middle East. The city is home to a population of over 20 million people, and those 20 million create enough noise and traffic to make Cairo a force to be reckoned with. I love these views of Cairo from the Citadel of Saladin.

cairo view2

Cairo is a city of many things. Overall, it is vast,


but it is also made of more small and intimate neighborhoods than can be counted.

small community in cairo

It is a city of  multiple religions. Note the serene beauty of the Muhammad Ali Mosque,

the splendid charm of the Coptic Church where the Holy Family is said to have taken refuge when fleeing from Herod,


as well as the strong statement of faith made by the placque outside the Ben Ezra Synagogue.


Cairo can be expensive like these fabulous, to die for white tennies that sold for 9000 Egyptian Pounds…that is $600 USD.


 Cairo is tourism.


Cairo is multicultural…You can find great Chinese food in Cairo.

Asian food in cairo

Cairo is colorful! Check out the enormous downtown market.

clorful cairo1

Cairo can be quiet, but you must rise early to discover a quiet city with little or no traffic.


Usually, Cairo is noisy and busy with foot and vehicular traffic.

foot traffic in Cairo

Cairo won’t let you forget that it is old.  Just spend an afternoon at the Cairo Museum.

cairo museum2

Paying a visit to this ancient, but still good-looking, Tut will help you discover just how old Cairo and Egypt actually are.

cairo museum3

    Cairo is youthful and forward thinking. With that in mind, King Tut will soon move to Cairo’s state of the art, new museum due to open before the end of 2020. These pics are of the new museum’s construction site. The marvelous new museum will be called the Grand Egyptian Museum or GEM for short….quite a name, eh!!! To prepare for the opening of the GEM, the mummified remains of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs will be marched from their current home at the Cairo Museum to this new home. It will be a procession of solemn respect that pays honor to the past and applauds the future.

new cairo

new cairo3

Cairo is not perfect. In fact, there is much work to be done in Cairo. Corruption and hard times have made moving forward difficult, but not impossible. No matter what, Cairo can mysteriously intoxicate a visitor. Who can resist a city with ancient pyramids in the distance?


Cairo….You gotta love it!!!! The Unseasoned Traveler.

12 thoughts on “Cairo, You Gotta Love It!!!!

  1. Brenda Butler May 5, 2020 — 4:34 pm

    Great post–I think my favorite so far this year! Thank youBB


    1. Greetings, Brenda. How are you feeling with your back surgery and this crazy virus. I had no idea you were keeping up with the blog…thank you…your presence makes a difference…j.


  2. Thank you, Jackie, for taking me to Cairo!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, David…taking care of yourself???? When this is over, Ashleigh and I are planning an open- ended road trip….can we come your way??? There might not be any overseas travel for a while so, domestic travel will be our oyster…..j.


  3. Wallicia Gill May 5, 2020 — 6:12 pm

    I am ready for Cairo to be my next travel adventure. Thanks for sharing, and sparking my interest.


    1. When you go to Cairo, will you take me with you?


  4. My memories from my trip there 40 years ago focus on how crazy busy it is in Cairo. The traffic (and not just motorized) is insane; very hard to cross the street. And the sheer number of pedestrians makes it even hard to walk. But it’s an amazing experience, as Jackie makes clear.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ellen….I hope you and Mike are hanging in there and eating ice cream every night…thanks for you interesting response to the post….I love your memories….j.


  5. Wonderful. I am planning to share with Dani as well as Pam. Thanks for sending.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am excited that you thought the post was a good one….stay healthy…j.


  6. Beautiful summary J.
    Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Happy Mother’s Day, Gisele…and thanks for leaving me a comment…have a great day…j


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