Put A Bow On It!

The Christmas season always has easily received a lot of attention at our house. I love the sheer madness and clutter of it all….

…like the lovingly preserved old toys that come out to celebrate,

like the Santas that totally rule,

like the trees, big and small, that twinkle

and like remembering little girls that have grown into adult women, but who are still little girls to me.

Loving this part of Christmas and loving the only real reason for Christmas

even more, this year (2020), found me, like many of you, emotionally and physically fatigued and on the verge of not putting in the full out effort to “deck” my own halls. Luckily, this guy blitzed my neighborhood in a fire truck bringing lots of inspiration with him and a message that has stood the test of time…..BELIEVE!

Despite what the whole world has been through and what each of us has experienced, joy can still be found…..so, in my current four walls space, I looked for some, perhaps, unexpected and taken-for-granted joys and put bows on them….

….say… this old, friendly clock that struggles to keep time…

…humm…this part of my summer garden that is still green…

…….my welcoming front door…

….ahhhh…my traveling companion who falls asleep in his chair regularly…

…awww….this cute boy…willingly sitting still for his photo shoot…

and this adorable, but salty boy, who hates bows…

….and then, the gift that keeps on giving…my new shoulder that continues to show hard fought for improvement. I put a bow on it.

Usually, I am blogging on my own travel experiences, but today is about the junket we all are facing through the holiday and into 2021. As I set my own intentions for Christmas and the upcoming year, I could do no better than end with a few words borrowed from a youngster named Tiny Tim Cratchit…”God bless us, every one.”

Love to all…The Unseasoned Traveler.

13 thoughts on “Put A Bow On It!

  1. Merr Christmas to you Jackie and to the rest of the family! Love you!!!

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    1. Thanks, Cathy…same to you and Ron…and everyone…j


  2. The most beautiful Christmas card. So thankful your shoulder has a bow on it! And yes, let’s BELIEVE! ♥️

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    1. Dear Anne, thanks for reading the blog and commenting in such a kind way….the happiest of holidays to you and your family…j

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  3. Dear Anne…thanks for reading the blog and commenting in such a kind way…the happiest of holidays to you and your family…j


  4. Thank you for sharing your home and family. Anais loves to look at our tree. Tummy time is spent close under the tree. Madi enjoys sharing the lights of Christmas and reading stories to Anais. God bless you and the family. Love and Hugs, Betsy


  5. A Blessed and Happy Christmas to you, Jackie, and your family. enjoyed the photos-that plaid top looks familiar-I have the same one! What can I say-great taste !!

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    1. Brenda….I bet your new home looks beautiful….take pictures so I can see how fabulous you have made it….Happy New Year…j.


  6. So beautiful and joyful. Reflecting on what we Believe is truly time well spent. Thank-you!!!

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    1. Janet….this is a unique and amazing holiday…there will never be another like it…not even remotely….when we are 100 years old, we will recall it and tell stories…some tall… some true…about 2020.


  7. Allan & Leslie Dressel December 24, 2020 — 11:09 pm

    Merry Christmas and Love to the Beautiful Lady and the Handsome Husband and the Wonderful Family!


    1. Greetings Fenwick Islanders…thanks for keeping up with the blog…..and happy holidays…hope to see you before you know it at the beach….j.


  8. What elegant Christmas decorations and home! I’m so glad your shoulder is recovering, it takes forever! I love that Santa came in the fire truck, a great appearance for the kiddos. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!


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