Of All Things!!!

I must admit that being fully vaccinated against COVID has not, as yet, made me excited about leaving the relative safety of my home. Putting things into perspective, I’ve really got it “made,” as the saying goes. After all, I have nothing to complain about my current accommodations. The beds are clean and comfy; the bathrooms are stocked with thirsty towels.

There’s an exercise area on the lower level, complete with a stationary bike, and Netflix, Hulu and a score of other premium channels offer up some top quality entertainment at all hours of the day and night. Finally, the kitchen is always open and well stocked, and the chef, the sous chef and the inhouse baker...they would all be me…is/are excellent.

Sometimes, quiet is my thing….in which case, a snuggle with one or both of these gentlemen comes in handy.

Warmer weather has taken my attention outdoors, with the big draws being shorter nights and longer days, a new bird feeder and the awakening of growing and sprouting things. The grass is going crazy!!!

So, with all these charmingly domestic topics to investigate…and spring and summer knocking at my door…and the world about to beckon to us all…so WHY with all this to explore….why, of all things, am I introducing you to Philip? Meet Philip…and his machine!!!

Philip and I have only met once, but I can tell you that he is a great guy, a gentleman and a real professional. Meeting Philip was the first step in getting Jackie’s right knee ready to do something other than sit in a chair for half of the day. Philip operates a scan machine; he took the scans that will enable my surgeon to give me a new knee later on this month. I am not exactly jumping for joy about all this, but I am eager (to get a leg up) and be myself again…perhaps an even better version of myself. In the meantime, all of you hug your knees tight…give them some love and respect…

Hang on to your junketing spirit..and I promise to do the same…

Love, The Unseasoned Traveler

PS…bake a cake

15 thoughts on “Of All Things!!!

  1. Marianne Stana May 3, 2021 — 12:11 am

    Looking good, my friend. Let me know what I can do to help.

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    1. Good Morning…I think I have a few things to settle up, and then I will call you…j


  2. Jackie, Thanks for note. It appears your baker is an angel (food). Marian got regular Xrays of her old vs new knee, rather than CT scans. Her new knee is now 9 months old and she is not limited for walking, though still some “tightness” We are booked for Utah parks in October and Italy next April, Cheers, Rich

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    1. Rich…thanks for reaching out…especially with the news of Marian’s knee….I plan to be walking up the sand dunes by the end of July…what are the plans for Italy? Another Smithsonian tour???? Give me lots of details….I have done the Utah Parks…it was several years ago….that was a wonderful experience…..give my love to Marian…j


  3. Calvin and Thom are adorable and as with my feline Allie made Covid more manageable by bringing unconditional love in the house. Feeling better to be on the other side of the vaccines as the beauty of floral Virginia blooms and beckons.
    My Aunt had both of her knees replaced (she was in her 90’s during the second one) and recovered beautifully.
    It is so great to see another Junket pop up, I so enjoy reading and learning from your travels and experiences. Stay safe and well and enjoy those tasty baked goods. Susan

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    1. Hi, Susan…so great to hear from you…you inspired me with the story about your aunt who is 90…there is hope for me….


  4. Lori Lee Clarke May 3, 2021 — 11:02 am

    Miss you Jackie! So glad you are happy and healthy except for the darn knee! Thinking of you./

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    1. on’t know if you got my reply to I am answering again…miss you also…heard that you and Brenda are still active at the club. Marianne Stana got her knee replaced recently also, and should be back at the club too. How is your weight watcher experience going? Hope you are still being successful…talk soon…j


  5. So lovely to see glimpses of your home and gardens. Had a sudden pause when I saw the CAT Scanner . Hope your anticipated surgery goes well. I will look for you out walking next month. Love and Hugs, Betsy


  6. Hi to you and Maddie…I was sorry to hear about the recent loss of her pet and hope she is dealing with the sadness…thanks for the well wishes…and yes, I should be back to walking very soon….blessings, j.

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  7. Jackie! Again, you write about your life, but you are writing for all of us, with zest, humor and insight. And always inspiring! Coincidently, I’m getting a new knee too; mine’s mechanical with microchips (!). We live in time of medical miracles.


  8. Brenda Butler May 4, 2021 — 12:15 am

    Praying and claiming a safe and successful knee surgery for you, Jackie. Take care.

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    1. Brebda, thank you….I plan to call you this week….j


  9. You will not regret getting it replaced Jackie! I had both of mine done, one in the spring and on in the fall 2 years ago, after years of debilitating pain. Now life is good. Good luck and sending prayers for a speedy recovery.

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    1. Thanks, Diane….I plan on doing a fast recovery.


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