Napoli and Pom Peii

The birthplace of pizza and the location of some spectacular ancient ruins, Napoli is quite a wonderful city. Ashleigh and I were warned about Napoli. Friends who had been to Naples before told us it was a hot bed of crime. Advice was given about purses, wallets, phones, and credit cards. Ashleigh and I purchased theftproof purses designed to prevent even the most clever of miscreants from taking advantage of us. I am delighted to report that all these extra, expensive precautions were unnecessary. I encourage all who want to visit Naples not to fear this extraordinary city, but to embrace it.

There are so many wonderful things to see and do in Naples. A thanks goes to my brother-in-law, Steve Henry, for getting us a super skillful guide who took us to some magnificent, not easily gained access to places, some of which we were not allowed to photograph.

One of the countless, narrow streets of Naples.


Inside the magnificent Church of Geso Nuevo.


Local artist whose harp was stolen. Community members made contributions to buy her a new instrument. She moves from church to church throughout the day giving small concerts.


Ancient Roman ruins…


The cloistered life…Chiesa Santa Chira.


Diana, our guide and new friend.


And of course, the not so humble pizza.nap9.jpg

I wish we had had more time to spend in Naples, but between Naples and Pom Peii, Ashleigh and I made some great memories. Diana Gianquitto, our guide, also accompanied us to Pom Peii. She told us some remarkable stories that made the ruins come to life. For example, the many public fountains in Pom Peii are a testament to how the Romans felt about the human right to clean water. Amazing! Also, the image we have of gladiators is all wrong…they were muscular, but not ripped and cut. They carried a lot of padding, especially around the middle, to protect their vital organs from serious, if not deadly injury.

Courtyard view of a noble’s home.



Living area of a noble’s house…quite an enormous house.


Gladiators’ Quarters.


Still vibrantly colored tiles.


My favorite, “Beware the dog.”IMG_20180421_181327502.jpg



Okay for now…next stop for this Unseasoned Traveler….where all roads meet….see you soon.


8 thoughts on “Napoli and Pom Peii

  1. Wow, what beautiful locations. It is outstanding to be a lifelong learner which can be witnessed through your posts. Did you guide speak English? Sharing your trip makes more special Ms. jackie

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    1. Connie, so great to hear from you…we have learned so much… please continue to keep in touch…love, Jackie.

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    2. Oops…yes, she spoke English…but we are getting on in broken Italian.

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  2. We loved Pompei. Just so amazing. I said this to Ashleigh too: what amazing memories you 2 are making. Just fabulous ❤️❤️❤️😍

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    1. Hi, Cook..great to see your comments…love you.

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  3. Lori Lee-Clarke April 28, 2018 — 10:38 am

    I am not sure if my comments are getting to you. Test….Your trip looks amazing. I have been taking notes based on your itinerary. I hope it is all that you had hoped for.

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    1. Sent you a note recently…so happy to hear from you. Today’s is the second note I got from you…hope you got your mail from the Vatican…say hi to Lisa for me…love you, j.

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    2. I see you have plans to wear a hat to the televised wedding….how’s the club…hi to Lynette.


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