Under the Florence Sky

Well, pretty much since we have been in Florence, the weather has been cloudy. We can not be outdone by the weather, so we have pressed on. For our efforts, the sun has poked out enough for me to justify eating gelato, yet again. We moved into our little apartment last Saturday, and we are doing well with our new surroundings. As you can see, the studio apartment is quite cute with just enough space for two girls to make a mess.

The kitchen…which we do not plan to use.


The bedroom….comfortable enough.


Our hosts greeted us with wine, pasta, olive oil, and cookies.  We will be drinking the wine.


We were excited to start exploring, and we have been on several solo junkets as well as junkets with members of our Smithsonian group. Here’s what we have discovered so far. Florence, although different in some ways from Rome, has more in common with Rome than the Florentines would like to admit. Florence is a city of art lovers, and much of the art is outdoors, free for all to see. My favorite so far is the bronze casting of Perseus slaying Medusa by Cellini. It is one casting, not sections. Visitors and locals alike just hang out in this location which is full of other works of art.

perseus kills medussa.jpg

Florence is a proud city of history lovers, and they revere their historic sites like this statue of Cosimo I.


Florence is full of people who love and believe in science. They honor those who chased scientific knowledge like Galileo. The Galileo Museum is magnificent and boasts such artifacts as the great man’s telescopes. You can also see a few of his fingers….which is kinda creepy to me, but as they say here…allora!!!


I was amazed by a facsimile of a map by Fra’ Murano displayed in the Galileo Museum. It shows the known world in the year1457-1459, long before the other side of the pond was discovered.


Folks in Florence love food….full of fresh ingredients. I found this at the Mercato Centrale.


Ashleigh and I can personally tell you that the strawberries are swell.



Buying food followed by cooking food. Before we ate lunch at a Tuscan restaurant, the chef gave us a cooking lesson.




We ate what he showed us how to cook, but we started with this extraordinary antipasto.


Of course, dogs are cherished in Florence.




Wine is divine in Florence. We participated in an afternoon wine tasting at a Tuscan castle that is 1200 years old. Yes, it was cloudy.





Diago explaind the wines.


Florentines love to celebrate with family and friends, and break out the band for all holidays, big or small.


And just like the rest of the world, residents of Florence and the surrounding areas have a difficult time getting the laundry dry. In the ancient town of San Gimignano, there is no ceremony when it comes to drying laundry. Energy is so costly in Italy.




This unseasoned traveler continues to find that, with a few variations, we are more alike than we are different….right down to the laundry. See you next time, and thanks for following.











13 thoughts on “Under the Florence Sky

  1. Barbara Bloom May 2, 2018 — 11:49 pm

    Unbelievable. It has been 40 years since I was there.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Did you rub the wild boar’s nose when you were here…if you did, then you are destined to return.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Lori Lee-Clarke May 2, 2018 — 11:49 pm

    So impressed by the photos. I almost feel as if I am with you both. Florence was always my daddy’s favorite place. I am taking notes on your journey. It is a dream of mine to do exactly what you are doing. Love and miss you, however, I know you having the time of your life!!! I love you.


    1. Love and miss you too…you will love it here…I can imagine you in Rome…your kind of place.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Valerie Dellas May 3, 2018 — 12:14 am

    Wow… fabulous pictures..I don’t see a couple of my comments..hope you got them..I’ve commented on every one…when will you see the David? Absolutely one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, Girlfriend, I only got three comments…wish you could catch me up on current events in the way only you can do…going to David today…love to Teddy.


      1. Valerie Dellas May 3, 2018 — 3:57 pm

        Girlfriend..Current events SUCK!! It just keeps coming.. I am trying very hard to stay away..it is pervasive in my life.. I wonder what you are hearing there. Right now he is setting up a some kind of faith based something-or- other at the WH. I guess separation of church and state is irrelevant ..Enjoy your time away from the shit show… Everyday is awful!! Love to you ..love to David!


  4. Jennifer Rogers May 3, 2018 — 12:33 am

    I love reading your posts and looking at the photos. I am getting a serious case of wanderlust. On a side note, those strawberries look anatomical, if you catch my drift.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, Jennifer, to great to hear from you… especially this morning…I wanted to hear from someone I am crazy about…you fit the bill…the berries we’re real…I know because we ate them on the spot…trip is going well, and I am glad you like the blog…ciggy smoking is getting to me..I think I have a touch of something…met someone who gave me a small bottle of bullet for medical uses only and today I put it in my e-merge-n-c. Makes for a tasty breakfast drink….going to see David today…love, j.


  5. Yum!! The antipasto was so gorgeous how did you decide what to eat and still have room for your cooked lesson entre? C;oudy is less fun but easier on the sun burns I have found.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, Betz, you know we are learning to eat like Europeans…small amounts eaten slowly.


  6. Jackie – Your wonderful words seem to bring life to your marvelous photographs. They both say so much about your travels and your emotions with each new experience. I look for a new post every day. And when I find one, I read it at least twice. Same for Ashleigh. I’m so happy that you girls are having your first great adventure of a lifetime. Keep writing and taking pictures. Miss you, Sweetheart.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, Bruce, thanks so much for your support of our trip and my blog…means a lot.


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