Everyone Wants to Meet Her

The Louvre does not disappoint. This museum has the distinction of being the largest building in Europe open to the public, and it is most definitely grand. Just seeing the outside of the Louvre is enough to take your breath away. See for yourself.




People use the courtyard as a meeting place. Many have no intention of entering the museum. They gather to chat or just sit admiring this national treasure or reflecting about this amazing Louis.


The interior of the museum is no less spectacular than the exterior, a fitting setting for the treasures it holds. You can see Winged Victory in all her glory at the top of the staircase.


The museum lets you get very close to her…close enough to see the folds of her garment flowing from her forward stride. I hope this photo captures the powerful look of her legs. I was thrilled by how this image of female power was captured in the stone. How about those Greeks; they imagined victory as a ass kicking woman with wings….so very appropriate!


Sometimes, pieces of art at the Louvre are enormous. Take this paining titled The Coronation of Emperor Napoleon; Napoleon is putting the crown on Josephine’s head, making her an empress. You have to walk along the piece to take in the tiny details.


The big guns of the art world are well represented in the Louvre. Here’s a Botticelli. Just so beautiful and delicate, and you can get close  because few visitors are paying attention to it.


This portrait of a man by Titien was begging for some love.


These two Da Vinci’s wanted some attention too.



But alas, the oxygen was being sucked out of the room by non other than Mona Lisa. Here’s what it is like to be in Mona Lisa’s orbit BECAUSE EVERYONE WANTS TO MEET HER!!!!


These are only two of the brave souls who guard Mona with their very lives.


If you are patient and focused and persistent you will find, as I did, that you will get to the front of Mona’s adoring fan club.



Not a very good photo; sorry, but I was so excited. The picture I am showing you is marginal at best, but the one I carry in my mind’s eye is captivating. I will never regret the trip to the front of the Mona line.


 Sadly, some visitors felt exhausted after meeting Mona Lisa.


I was energized and ready to meet this lady, the real star of the show.


You can come so close to her, and there is no need to rush. Stop and linger and fall in love with Venus.


 Much has been said and written about her. None of it matters when Venus is standing right in front of you. I saw sensational breasts and a gently rounded belly sitting below a set of abs defined in the most feminine sense. In truth, it looks as though she is capable of gracefully stepping down and walking away. Her back is softly curved.



She is beautiful in every way.


It is possible to become overstimulated while in the Louvre. My advice to myself was don’t forget to look down. The floors in the museum are also art.


And don’t forget to find a window with a view. Remember Louis XIV looked out these very same windows.




The Louvre hallways are full of light, art, and people. I’m so happy that my traveling companion and I were part of it all.

Hugs and kisses from The Unseasoned Traveler















8 thoughts on “Everyone Wants to Meet Her

  1. Lovely pictures as always. I did forget to look out snd down. Now I wish I could go back and so so.


    1. No problem…book that trip now.


  2. I loved meeting her too…you definitely got closer then I did..once you meet her you’ll never forget her..I believe that’s what makes any piece of great art great…


  3. This was the best one ever!!

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  4. Beautiful. You rehydrated 38 year old memories that I thought had dried up!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks again, Jen…you inspire me.


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