Flowers and Windows

Oscar-Claude Monet, was a French painter and a founder of French Impressionist painting. This is what he said about his craft. “I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers.” Turns out, this comment by the artist about himself is totally true. The village were he lived is called Giverny. This little village, located on the Seine, is full of flowers. Take a walk down Rue Claude Monet, and see for yourself.

As you get closer to Monet’s house the influence of flowers continues to be sweet and beautiful. Monet loved flowers and their water reflections so much that he even created some of the ponds and streams on his property.

Gardens surround Monet’s cottage, and even in the autumn, they are glorious. Some visitors come just to sit in Monet’s garden.

Fat bees make it their business to hang out in the garden.

The cottage owns dozens of windows. There’s not a window that does not offer an Impressionist worthy view. I so loved the thought of Monet’s everyday and ever so casual interaction with his windows that I had to share.

I am leaving you with an image of Monet’s sunny eating area…savor those primary colors. Bisous, the Unseasoned Traveler

2 thoughts on “Flowers and Windows

  1. I agree. It would be hard for an artist living there not to be attracted to flowers and the colors. So much still blooming when you were there.


  2. So beautiful…I just May have to paint one of your flower pics cool it will be to paint a flower fro m Money’s garden.


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