Looking Over My Shoulder

  My junket to France has come and gone. The wonders have been seen; the museums and shops have been visited; the budget has been exceeded; the French people have been embraced; the food has been tasted; the wine has been sniffed, swirled and sipped. It would seem there is nothing more to do but look over my shoulder and remember as much as I can. So there’s no rhyme or reason to this post, just a loving look back.

Charming dwellings in Honfleur.

The Tears of Joan of Arc, chocolate covered nuts…a delicious, unusual confection that is very popular in Rouen, the site of Joan’s execution.

The 1000 year old Tapestry of Bayeux which is technically not a tapestry because it is not woven, but embroidered on fine, sturdy cloth. This work is 70 meters (270 feet) in length and tells the epic, medieval tale of the Norman conquest of England in 1066. Understandibly, photos are not allowed due to the age of the artifact. These photos are copies of photos provided by the museum and represent only a small part of the artifact.

The patisserie and chocolate shops are the guardians of delectable goodies…they are all over France.

Madame Pompadour at the Louvre making her statement! What a fabulous dress, and check out the shoes.

The Wednesday, outdoor market in Honfleur provides everything one could want.

including gluten free quiche.

 One of many book rooms at Versailles. Yes, the palace residents were avid readers amid comfort and luxury.

Behold my traveling companion about to settle in for an enjoyable flight to France.

The birds own the humans at Notre Dame.

Me being quite happy.

Some fabrics from Versailles are being carefully restored.

Glass pyramids at the Louvre were hated by the French at first, but beloved now.

The most important business in any French town.

The view of the marina at Honfleur is  worthy of a Monet painting. Note the reflections on the water. 

Pride and sorrow mixed together observed by all at Normandy American Cemetery at Colleville-sur-Mer.

Minding his own business in Bayeux.

The Place de la Revolution, renamed Place de la Concorde is where Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI lost their lives in 1793. This plack marks the spot.


Chickens in Monet’s back yard.

The Viking influence is strong in Normandy. In the Cathedral of Rouen you can find the tomb of Rollo or Gaange Rolf who became the first ruler of Normandy.

Please note the relaxed vibe you get from this painting of Marie Antoinette. It is said that the women of her time gave her credit for freeing them from corsets. This painting hangs in Versailles.

The Luxor Obelisk is located on the Place de la Concorde. 

Always loving the Seine any time of the day or night. See the tower to the far right.

The Eiffel Tower…totally unforgettable!

The same can be said of all of France….totally, totally unforgettable. My traveling companion and I are hoping that we do not have to depend on our photos and memories alone to keep us close to France. Dare I hope for a rendezvous with France very soon. Bisous et calins, The Unseasoned Traveler.

10 thoughts on “Looking Over My Shoulder

  1. Hi Jackie!

    WOWWWWW! I could look over these photos over and over and OVER AGAIN! Thank you for sharing your travel experiences to France! Au revoir!❤️ Laura

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    1. Hey, Cousin, glad you saw this post. It is the last one for France.


  2. You have had one amazing year!! Miss you so much, but I am happy you have been able to experience some of the wonders of our world.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, Lori…..so happy you think my year was great….what will next year hold?????


  3. wonderful pics. particularly enjoyed building with multiple ages of brick repair and eindow boxes wwith dangling seed cones for the birds.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Betsy….this is the last post for France.


  4. You are AMAZING! I like how you refer to Bruce as your traveling companion.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Stuart….happy holidays. I hope all is well with you. Yes…Bruce is my excellent traveling companion. I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I am thrilled that you followed me all around France….much love, Jackie


  5. Jackie, Your friends know this, but I have just discovered this… you are an exceptional writer. The pictures and description of your trip makes me feel like I was there too. Thanks for opening my eyes to your travel blog. Janet

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Janet, you are so sweet to say this about the blog….and I appreciate you taking the time to come along on the junket.


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