Florence Scrapbook

I have heard that it is difficult to return to a place where you have had a positive experience because the second time around seems never to measure up to the first. Not so with Florence. Here’s what happened when we popped in to say a quick buongiorno to this beautiful city.

After checking out the hotel room,

we tossed open the windows and filled our noses with the familiar smell of Florence.

Next on the agenda….take in the sights and sounds, as well as the smells. Here’s the square in front of Santa Maria Novella at twilight.

Nice to see the face of the Lady, herself…..Santa Maria Novella on a clear night.

Heading into town, we stopped to be entertained by a street puppet show.

A few turns in the street and there was Santa Maria del Fiori.

Only one thing remaining for the evening….PIZZA. The rules for eating pizza have not changed in a year. Pizzas do not get shared….not at all.

Mornings, afternoons, evenings, and nights go quickly in Florence. On a short junket, there is not a moment to lose, and we did it all. Like…discovering the repairs on the Neptune fountain by the city hall have been completed. The results are beautiful by night or


This is the Uffizi early in the morning. People with high hopes wait in line here for same day tickets.

We managed to score tickets to the Uffizi Gallery and got to visit some things we wanted to see again like this shield with Medusa’s severed head by Caravaggio done in 1597.

The back is amazing as well.

Many first and second time admirers of Michelangelo waited for a turn to see his Toni Madonna. Look at the details on the frame.

The Da Vince room was crowded. We wanted to see the Adoration of the Magi again. Da Vince did not even finish this work, and yet, it is a masterpiece.

The Uffizi was full of the curious and of the lovers of art, but some were there for more….the terrace café had a crowd.

Read the menu.

Seeing the old neighborhood again was a must; and, yes, those inexpensive drinks and crazy salads were as good as we recalled.

We did some Valentino daydreaming with Ashleigh’s friend, Maria, and

hung out on the Ponte Vecchio for a bit.

The most sinfully delicious cookies can be purchased from this little tea shop.

Always time for a spritz and chips.

We stopped inside a church to offer gratitude.

And finally, we made certain that the reality of our next trip was safe. Rubbing his nose is a sure fire way to bring you back to Florence. It worked for us.

David, Marcia, Bill, and Diane, we’re rubbing his nose for you too. We’re off to see the Alps.

Later, the Unseasoned Traveler

10 thoughts on “Florence Scrapbook

  1. Jackie,
    Oh, to see Florence again through your eyes! On behalf of David, Diane, Bill and myself, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for rubbing our noses in it.

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  2. Hi, Jackie! Thanks for the shout out. Bill & I are discovering Norway right now, but my Facebook and your post are bring back memories from last year. Happy belated Birthday! ❌⭕️


    1. Diane, I came across this note from you and decided to try to reach out to you …Ashleigh is in Thailand ….this is her fourth month in that country….she is waiting out the virus there and falling in love with the place….I am filling my days with my garden and my blog….and the national news ….I hope your days are not passing too quickly…time is so precious…happy belated birthday to Bill…..jackie h.


  3. Lovely to see Florence again through your eyes.


  4. The nose knows! Thanks for thinking of us!!

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  5. The nose knows! Thanks for thinking of us!!

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  6. Hi Jackie, I’ve loving the ability to follow your travels and your pics are fantastic. I was going to call you from Ireland but our trip has been cancelled (postponed). My mother, Barbara, fell Tues night at 3 am and scattered her hip. She has a new one now but for a 90 year old woman recovery is going to take a while. So we postponed the Ireland trip for now so I can be with her.
    Continue to have a wonderful time and keep sending those pics. They brighten my day.
    Hugs and Blessings

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Janet….I tried to call you when I heard about your mother to lend you support…I know that you are doing the right thing…and God is with you …see you soon….jackie


  7. Valerie Dellas May 12, 2019 — 5:59 pm

    So beautiful..I’m talking the pizza!! Oh and Florence is spectacular too!

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