A Night At Two Museums

This past week, France offered free admission to some of its museums. Between the hours of 7pm and midnight, some of the artistic wonders of the world were made available to those interested. In Aix en Provence, it turned out to be a magical evening for me. I found the time to pop into four museums, but the Musee des Tapisseries and the Musee Granet were superb. Aix is a small town, but rich in culture and art and capable of accomplishing a great deal.

The Musee des Tapisseries contains a rich collection of 17th and 18th century tapestries, but it also has a section dedicated to costumes and sets. So, it made sense that amid the tapestries, the museum would present some dramatic live performing arts segments. BUT…how amazed were we when the king showed up….and sang to us.

Photos were taken, and everyone had a smile.

Of course, there was a page to play the harpsichord…..of course!!!!

A dancer entertained museum goers with twists and tumbles,

and a girl captivated us by moving ever so slowly.

The entire performance was a comment on society, past and present, and a wonderful foil for the wall hangings. Quite beautiful.

The excesses of life are symbolized here….real human and real fruit…just a little shocking.

Next hop….the Musee Granet where the paintings of Cezanne could not be more beautiful. The exhibit pays honor to the iconic mountain that stirred the imagination of Paul Cezanne as well as other artists. The setting for the three Cezanne Sainte-Victoire is fabulous. The color of the walls beautifully enhances the paintings. I am certain my photos do not do the exhibit justice.

The road to the Musee Garnet for these paintings was difficult, to say the least. Their history has included loss, rediscovery, theft, and questionable ownership, but at present they are in one place, giving those fortunate enough to see them a chance to fall under the spell of Cezanne and Mont Sainte-Victoire. This is a great time to be in Aix, which just happens to be Cezanne’s hometown. Yes, he was born, lived, and died in Aix.

Merci, France, for recognizing the importance of art for everyone, but especially children and young people, and for making this museum night available to all for free.

The Unseasoned Traveler

3 thoughts on “A Night At Two Museums

  1. Thanks for sharing this wonderful trip. The pics of the museum night are a trip. Was the slowly turning Girl an attempt to resemble a local painting?

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  2. Valerie Dellas May 24, 2019 — 3:16 pm

    Girlfriend I was a couple of days behind in our travels together, but catching up is such a wondrous jaunt… museums are a favorite for me to visit and this one was fabulous..thank you for personal tour!

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    1. Valerie…..it was a wonderful night at the museums….and all free….love you too.


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