Yalla! Yalla!!!

Finding your way to other treasures that Jordan possesses can be distance intense, but Jarash, the Dead Sea, Wadi Rum and Petra are well worth the travel time in order to experience their splendor. Get up early! Start moving!! Yalla! Yalla!!

sign jaresh

I never heard of the site of Jarash, which is located 30 miles north of Amman. It is one of the most visited places in Jordan because of its fine Roman and Byzantine ruins. These ruins are among the largest and best preserved in the world. Humans came to Jarash at least 6500 years ago, and the city is recorded in the New Testament of the Bible as “the region of the Gerasenes” (Mark 5:1; Luke 8:26)

The ruins of Jarash are impressive. For me, visiting them started to put a physical reality on Biblical references as well as historical personalities like Alexander the Great and the emperors Trajan and Hadrian, all of whom were known to have visited the city. This arch was built to honor the visit of Emperor Hadrian in 129AD.


    Although most of the ancient city was destroyed by an earthquake  in 749 AD, the majesty of Roman architecture can still be seen in the ruins… check out the Temple of Zeus, built in 162 AD.

zeus tempple of jaresh

   Nowadays, tufts of grass dot the oval forum of Jarash, but in the past it was the center of hustle and bustle in the city that excelled in commerce.

oval of jaresh2

Chariot races were popular in Jarash…in this very spot.


    Most visitors pay attention to the winding Jarash corridors or

jresh corridor

the city’s amazingly well preserved Roman amphitheater.


jarash theatre

Imagine my surprise when bagpipers began to play for tourist entertainment.


   If time permits though, do what I did and pay attention to the graveyards of stone that have yet to come under a curator’s care. Actually, there is just as much stone lying about waiting for the funds and love to be resurrected as there is stone standing.



  For a while, the stones of Jaresh will keep their messages to themselves, but when I got to the Dead Sea, some messages were very clear…..

dead sea

Here are all the things prohibited at the Dead Sea.

nos at the sea

    Here’s the honest truth from this Unseasoned Traveler….Unlike others, I did not care about swimming on my stomach or back or about diving or jumping in the Dead Sea. Also, mud bathing held little attraction for me.


So, what’s left to excite a visitor about this body of water? Well, it is undeniably beautiful.

dead sea beauty

    The Dead Sea is called “dead” because its high levels of salt prevent aquatic life from thriving . Nothing like fish or plants survive in the water, but the type of life that thrives near water’s edge does quite well at the Dead Sea, which just happens to be a popular vacation resort.

dad sea resort


The resort makes it easy to have fun. No need to bring your own towels; clean towels are available to all. Here’s my traveling companion, towel in hand, contemplating putting his feet in the Dead Sea,

bruce at ds

    but my toes were the only ones that made it into the water.

jckies toes

And happily, the rest of me stayed dry.


The sun goes down quickly here, and the temperature falls even faster. The setting sun adds yet another aspect of beauty to the Dead Sea.

dead sea setting sun

   What junket does Jordan have in store for me tomorrow? No worries. For right now, the sun setting over the Dead Sea is enough.

ds fab sunset

    Come to Jordan; be mesmerized.

Nighty, The Unseasoned Traveler.












20 thoughts on “Yalla! Yalla!!!

  1. Oh Jackie….this is exactly what I needed this morning! Thank you from Colorado. Stay safe beautiful lady —Leanne Cook

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    1. Hi Leanne,
      It is so wonderful to hear from you. How’s your beautiful daughter??? My youngest daughter is currently stranded in Thailand…let me add that she is safe….but we are still worried about her health, safety, and return…I am glad you are out there following my blog….and super glad that you reached out with a comment. It means a lot to me….especially since I have about fifteen more entries to publish…promise you won’t get sick of me…..you stay safe as well….Jackie H.

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    2. Greetings from Virginia…are you still social distancing???? Let me know how you are doing…..j.


  2. Loved the pictures of you and Bruce at the Dead Sea. All beautiful pictures and accompanying text. Keep it up I love reading about your travel.

    I hope I have replied in the right spot. Could not get to your blog that you used last year.

    Hugs, Betsy Sent from Mail for Windows 10

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    1. OOOOOoooops about the site….not sure why…but yes…I see your comment and thank you for following along…I am always glad to see you on the site…missed you this morning at church….it was a good service.

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    2. Let me know that you get my answering message…I am never sure…hahahahah

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  3. Fantastic trip Jackie! Glad you got back before all this mess started.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, Cathy, thanks for following my blog….I am glad to back also…and yes….what a mess!!!

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  4. Donna and Bruce Sutton March 29, 2020 — 6:45 pm

    We are truly enjoying your blog. Traveling with you is a treat anytime, but right now that is all there is.
    Loved seeing your handsome travel partner. Wish him the best from us. We would love to have the three couples on a journey again.

    Donna and Bruce

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    1. Happy Sunday to you both….I love you comments…don’t stop!!!

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    2. Hi Guys…gave Bruce your message….where shall all six of us go??? Think about it.

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    3. Donna…having a hard time responding to your post…hope this one works….who knows when we will travel again…let’s hope….thanks for blogging with me.

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  5. Wow gorgeous! I never went to Jeresh, but at least one of your pics reminds me of Ephesus in Turkey. I went to the Dead Sea (Israel side) in my youth, and I did float on my back! Thanks, Ellen

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    1. Ellen, Looks like our outing is postponed until…well….whenever….until then, thanks for following along with me…hi to your hubbie.

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  6. Thank you for virtual-transport to such an amazing place. Refreshing change from the stress-filled area here. But we’re good.

    Leslie Dressel


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    1. Leslie…my pleasure to take you along….glad you and Alan are staying healthy.

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  7. Thank you for taking us along with you. Wonderful!


  8. Thank you for taking us along with you. Wonderful!

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    1. Good Evening, David….thanks for your support….and not getting bored with me….love to you and Marcia

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  9. Amazing!!

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