Tennis, Anyone?

The human body needs shoulder engagement for many activities. Sneezing and coughing without adequate upper body support prove to be challenging. If the shoulders and good posture are not helping out, getting into and up from a chair can cause the upper body to lean into the effort. Rounding the shoulders in response to pain in the area can cause back discomfort and even make standing and holding the head and neck properly aligned difficult. Washing one’s own back and hair, reaching for that favorite coffee cup or raising the arms to put on a tee shirt might require someone’s help. And then, painful shoulders can make a golfer yearn for nothing but the nineteenth hole. Please do not forget the range of shoulder motion needed to play an enjoyable game of tennis before you invite someone to play.

During my shoulder surgery recovery, it is my goal to spend as much time as possible being physically and mentally active and seriously minding the rest and nutrition it takes to make me better and stronger. I have been following the rules, so just about five weeks after shoulder replacement surgery and seven physical therapy sessions, I am happy to report that I am recovering nicely and learning to enjoy the heating pad that comes after PT.

It’s tough to find things to do in order to remain active; walking has become my go to cardio activity. I try to do at least three miles a day, even though I have to walk with my arm in a sling…and if the weather is unfriendly, I depend on some online walking programs that can be done indoors.

I have learned to use my right arm all by itself to do small household tasks like unloading the dishwasher or folding laundry. My right bicep has benefited from the extra activity. I even managed to create this masterpiece of a meat lover’s frittata using my right hand.

However impatient I am, patience seems to be the largest part of the prescription for this recovery. It has been easy to become bored and frustrated, but my dear friend, Cookie, has kept me conversationally stimulated with daily chats filled with current events and exchanges about our spouses and children…..and visually engaged with a her gift of these amazing flowers.

And then….when there just doesn’t seem to be light at the end of the tunnel, these two faithful companions (Calvin on the left and Thom on the right) join my journey and work their doggie magic.

Next time I reach out to blog, I should be touching my nose. See you soon….

The Unseasoned Traveler plus Cal and Thom

18 thoughts on “Tennis, Anyone?

  1. Jackie, Glad to hear your good news! Charge on…. Hugs and Blessings Janet

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  2. Maximilien Onga Nana November 21, 2020 — 4:59 pm

    The epistemologist Jacky Henry. Think to gather all these at some point ….

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  3. I was just thinking of you! You seem to be very disciplined, and you’ll surely see even more results. And you’re not missing much, since we’re all in Covid, suspended life. At least we’re moving toward a new presidential administration…can’t be too soon! Keep truckin’.

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    1. Ellen…..we have a lot to talk about….physical therapy is kicking my ass….they try to kill you while making you better…it does not make sense. Hope you and your husband have a meaningful holiday and eat lots of stuff you don’t need……j


      1. You are so right about physical therapy! It is torture. Hang in there… Happy Thanksgiving to you and the famille!


  4. I’ve been glad to keep you company on this un journey journey. You are doing great, my dear friend. Love you ❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰

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  5. Sounds like you’re doing great, glad to hear it. Your dogs are adorable. Hang in there, Marilyn

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    1. I passed your words on to my four legged buddies….and they are delighted to know that you think they are adorable….thanks for reaching out…I appreciated it….j.


  6. Michelle L Howlett November 21, 2020 — 11:28 pm

    So happy to hear that you are progressing so well Jackie. Thanks for the update. Keep up the good work!

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    1. Happy Thanksgiving….I am moving right along, although PT is kicking my ass….If I had a job, I would have to quit in order to do physical therapy….thanks for reaching out….don’t eat too much…..I know…I know….that’s too much to ask….lol…j.


  7. Glad you are recovering well. I had forgotten that you are left handed. Makes the process of recovery all the more necessary and vital to your life. Love and Hugs, Betsy

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    1. Thanks, Betsy….but I am, indeed, a righty….but one hand is still challenging…..Happy Thanksgiving


  8. Hi Jackie! Life truly is what happens while we’re making other plans. But your courage, perseverance and good cheer are an inspiration! Keep up the hard work and high spirits!!

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    1. David and Marcia….Happy Thanksgiving…..being alive and healthy are reasons enough to be thankful. Tonight I am feeling a bit anxious for Ashleigh to return home….although I know her well being does not include the airports and airplanes it would take for her to get from Thailand to my front door. How selfish can a parent be???? I think if we all just happened to be in Florence for Thanksgiving, the feast would happily include pizza and a spritz….if you happen to reach out to Bill and Diane, give them my best for a marvelous holiday season….well, because every day we manage to move forward can only be described as marvelous…..jackie


      1. Singing words of wisdom, let it be, let it be.


  9. You continue to impress with your stamina, great attitude and thoughtful approach to doing all that works best for your recovery and for life in general. I am in awe but somehow no amazed. Best wishes to you and your traveling companion/helper.


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    1. Donna and Bruce,
      Happy Thanksgiving to you both. I love hearing from you, but I would like it even better if we could see one another. Isn’t it wonderful how happenstance can forge meaningful and lasting relationships. I have a favor to ask of you…in January would you send me a photo of you and Bruce for one of my blog posts….I am planning on asking everyone I have become attached to in my travels for the same….think about it….let me know how you feel…no pressure….love to you both…jackie


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