Slower, Lower

Recently, my friend, Alan and I had a short discussion about a junket filled summer in slower, lower Delaware. Alan is a pool supervisor at Mallard Lakes near Fenwick, Delaware, a beautiful subdivision located in the slower, lower part of the state. This sweet spot holds Alan and me joyfully willing captives all summer long. Alan is good natured and an excellent conversationalist. In short, he is an all around good guy with a clear head and impish wit.


While talking to Alan about the delights of travel at home and abroad, I reminded myself that life in this part of the state can be slower, and that ain’t all bad. In fact, this more relaxed approach to life becomes its own type of junket. Here’s a time and place dedicated to finding out more about yourself and others.


Slower, lower nature walks around the lakes…hot, but beautiful.

Sometimes, you have to share the path.


If you visit the town beach in the late afternoon, you can discover what  local artists have been up to.


 I always find time to dip my toes in the water before heading home. Please…don’t leave the beach until the sun sets. Any earlier is against the law…my law!!!!!


In the evening, I like venturing north on Coastal Highway. There is no better ice cream than the ice cream served at the Royal Treat in Rehoboth. Old fashioned ice cream parlor is the description. Hot days and nights plus cold, delicious ice cream is the unbeatable combination.

Some evenings the goal is to go further north to Lewes. We always stop at the charming church in the center of town. Saint Peter’s Episcopal Church is an amazing destination with a cemetery that is over three hundred years old. Each grave is documented and has its own unique story. The church, itself, has been there since 1681. All are welcome to go inside to enjoy a quiet, reflective moment.




Lewes has something for everyone, including a delightful Italian eatery named Touch of Italy. Here’s a place where a true gentleman by the name of Big Ray will take good care of you with great food and drink and send you home with a fresh loaf of bread.

Just when Summer 2018 seemed so far away from my trip to Italy, this Unseasoned Traveler stepped into a gem of a restaurant and into another world…a world, I just happen to love. Imagine, Italy in Delaware.

Who could ask for more???!!! Seems that where ever I look, there’s a junket to be had with great people, wonderful places, and good food; the world is a fabulous place…and no need to hurry…right, Alan!!!! Love, from the Unseasoned Traveler.




11 thoughts on “Slower, Lower

  1. I love the pictures and that you have continued the blog.

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    1. Thanks so much…are you at the beach?


  2. Nice Jackie!😁❤️

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  3. GISELE ONGA NANA August 21, 2018 — 6:50 pm



    1. Thank you…hope all is well with you and your family.


  4. Thank you…hope all is well with you and your family.


  5. Thanks Jackie — Great Blog on Lower Slower Delaware (LSD) — You’re The Best — Love to You & Bruce

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    1. Hi, Allen…How wonderful to hear from you….should it be Slower Lower???????Gosh darn!!!! We love you too. See you soon.


    2. Allan…you have been busy reading my blog…thanks for your support….hi to Leslie and love to you both.


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