April in Paris

I had never heard of the Broadway musical Walk a Little Faster. The production opened on December 7, 1932 at the Saint James Theatre in New York and then moved to the Selwyn Theater running for a total of 119 performances. The show was only a moderate success and has practically become forgotten…..EXCEPT for the iconic song April in Paris. Vernon Duke composed the score; the lyrics were written by E.Y. Harburg; Evelyn Hoey introduced the song, and the rest is, as they say, HISTORY. The song has been performed by many…Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinastra, Ella Fitzgerald, Doris Day, Dinah Shore, Glen Miller, and Tommy Dorsey to name just a few. The not so easily forgotten tune and the hauntingly memorable lyrics capture Paris better than I ever could, especially since I only have 20 short hours to be in this sensational city this time. The lyrics describe the charm of spring in a city that has no end of charm in any season. Here’s what I saw starting with the ride from the airport; the hustle and bustle of Paris traffic is still the same, BUT……

clearly evident are green trees and springlike blue skies.

Here I am in Paris to share it with Ashleigh. First stop, our home away from home, Hotel Design de la Sorbonne. This hotel is a quirky little place that totally suited our needs.

Near the hotel, on the Place de la Sorbonne, I discovered students enjoying the warmer weather.

And our first dog.

Here, clever Paris residents find a sunny corner with outdoor tables for some afterwork chitchat.

While others flock to the Luxembourg Gardens.

Luxembourg is an enormous park in the middle of the city where you can exercise a little…

were you can socialize a little…

where you can connect with nature a little…..

and where love and sunsets go hand in hand.

In Paris, April uses the night to show off. Notre Dame is magical.

Cherry blossoms in front of Le Petit Café in the Latin Quarter are charming.

No April night in Paris would be complete without French onion soup and duck confit.

April in Paris has gotten this junket off to a grand start. Tomorrow Ashleigh and I take the high speed train to Basel.

Love, the Unseasoned Traveler

12 thoughts on “April in Paris

  1. Jennifer Rogers April 14, 2019 — 5:22 pm

    the photo (preceding the onion soup) of the night sky with the cherry blossom branch arc framing the street scene is fantastic.


    1. Thanks, Jen…love it when I hear from you….we are so far away…say hi to Angie for me…love you.


  2. Sounds wonderful. Can’t wait to hear about Basel.


    1. Thanks Cathy…Basel was uneventful…but travel is grand…having a wonderful time.


  3. Thank you for the glorious photos of Paris. It is so beautiful in the spring. Enjoy your trip!


    Sent from my iPad



  4. Thank you for reminding us how lovely Paris is in the spring. Love to you both.
    Donna and Bruce

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Donna…I am so excited to hear from you….guess who we saw when we boarded the UniWorld ship???? Our Antonio…what a wonderful delight to see him….I am glad you and Bruce liked the post…I will be in touch.


  5. Michelle Howlett April 15, 2019 — 11:00 am

    Looks wonderful Jackie. I have heard wonderful stories about Basil. I can’t wait to hear yours and see some more great photos. Enjoy.


  6. What a beautiful start for your adventure. As I sit here watching Notre Dame burn my heart breaks..how special your photo of it at night will remain forever..


    1. Girlfriend….Notre Dame will be back before we know it….all we have to worry about is 45…lol


  7. One of my favorite classics, ‘chestnuts in blossom, holiday tables under the trees…” Always feels like I’m on the trip with you when reading your blog. Miss you. Have fun and be safe.❤


    1. Hi, Tracey….you sound like you are feeling great….all is well with us…we have decided to go to Florence for a few days…lol


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