Something for Bruce

Sunshine and no wind….Parfait!!!!

Today is market day ….and it is our last Aix market day…. for a while at least. I am off to the market to find something that says Provence for Bruce Henry.

The market is complete…no need to cook at home when you can purchase a chicken here. The birds are roasted right at the market…fresh!!! Take it home.

If you want to eat and run….no problem

The fruit and veggies are endless…pick a vendor.

Spice it up.

Everyone shows up at the market…

and all are welcome.

Yes….you can sample.

Or buy a knockoff.

Or just catch up.

Last market day in Aix…..something for everyone to do or buy….now…how about Bruce???? Au secours.

What a day!!!!!

Later….The Unseasoned Traveler

6 thoughts on “Something for Bruce

  1. Fabulous! Suggestions? A knockoff or just a T-shirt en souvenir de Provence!!! You know better what he would like chère dame.
    Bon voyage et a bientôt

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  2. beautiful skies. We have had a lot of grey while you were gone. Did you find just the right thing for Bruce behind the booth with the multi colored curtains?


  3. Valerie Dellas May 22, 2019 — 3:22 pm

    You are so blessed as we are to share it all with you…


  4. Tracey Wallace May 23, 2019 — 2:20 am

    Je ne sais passed. Bon chance ma souer! Bon voyage!

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    1. Found something for him, BUT….will he wear it?????

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